Feira da Serra de São Brás de Alportel

Feira da Serra de São Brás de Alportel

Again in a four-day format, from July 25th to 28th, this event, which is already  well documented in the Algarve summer animation calendar, opens its doors again with the best and most genuine in the region. This year, are several product premieres, such as the new beer produced by a new São Paulo brewer or the new carob milk…

Much more than just a handicraft or gastronomy festival, over the course of four days, the Feira da Serra enclosure is a unique route of experiences for the whole family, filled with excitement!

In 2019, the nights shine again with intense rhythms and good music. The main stage of Feira da Serra is inaugurated by Calema on Thursday, 25th, followed by a night that promises to be invaded with rhythm and joy with the performance of Gipsy Kings by Diego Baliardo, on Friday, the 26th. On Saturday, the 27th, he goes to the Main Stage, Domingos Caetano with a show honoring Portuguese rock, warming the atmosphere for a night invaded by the contagious HMB hits. For the last night of Feira da Serra, the 28th, the singers Anabela, Joana Amendoeira and Duarte take the stage to present the tribute show to the unequaled Amália Rodrigues with the show “Cantar Amália. Over four nights, the moments of music and dance follow each other, all around the venue will circulate street animation and at Picadeiro the program of equestrian art animations is even more full. unforgettable moments and is proud to present the Lusitano Sao Brasense thoroughbred, Nubia, by the promising rider Daniel Pires, one of the many and very talented values ​​of equestrian in the county.

This year, the 20,000 m2 of the fair will have 18 different spaces, including the renovated Sítio do Figo, which returns to the Fair 10 years later; the mountain village, heart of the Fair, which features handicrafts and local products; the introduction of flavours, true temptation for the senses; the arena, in this edition with an even more filled animation program with the animal site, children's entertainment; the Town Square; the market goes to the fair; Sítio do Vinho, which arrived in 2017 (and is here to stay); the Serra and Barrocal Gardens, with various proposals; Fun Square, the Artisan House, which is visiting the Fair for the first time; and Street Área, the Feira Station that meets again with various environmental and tourism projects, very well accompanied by Street Food.

“The Serra de São Brás de Alportel Fair is synonymous with appreciation of traditions, but also of the ability to reinvent and create innovative and competitive products in this global world,” said the organizing committee president and vice-president of the municipality of São Brás de Alportel, Marlene Guerreiro, who mentioned the pride felt by the organization in realizing that the Fair is increasingly recognized as a stage of entrepreneurship and revealed the key to the longevity and youthfulness of this event: the great involvement of the community and the strong participation of the young people, namely through the Youth Volunteering Program that brings together 50 young people who are half the age of the Fair!

“Increasingly multifaceted and firmly committed to innovation, Feira da Serra seeks to be the place where tradition and innovation meet, with a vision of the future about the region. Much more than a gastronomy or handicraft festival, with more than a dozen different thematic spaces, a strong environmental and social concern, the Feira da Serra is currently a privileged space for the presentation of regional entrepreneurship ”, reinforced the president of the São Brás de Alportel Town Hall Vitor Guerreiro.

In the area of ​​entrepreneurship, it is important to mention that Feira da Serra 2019 was chosen for the presentation and launch of the Commerce and Services Portal, a free portal that will be a true online showcase for entrepreneurship council.

All information translated from Website CMSbras

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