With Portugal now experiencing larger increases in confirmed cases, (but thankfully hospitalisation and those in ICU are less than a half and a quarters respectively compared to April), it is an appropriate time to remind everyone of the importance of hygiene, face masks and social distancing. The following will help you stay safe and keep our country safe.

Be sure to wear a face mask when entering shops, commercial complexes, public buildings and all forms of public transport. This is mandatory for those 10 years and up. Discard mask in trash bins not on the pavement!

Social distancing is generally 2 metres apart – respect floor markings and direction signs in shops especially on entry and queuing at cash points.

It is important to remember that maximum group size is 10 people except in catering areas of shopping malls where it is 4 and also in establishments within 300 metres of schools

One of the joys is eating out, but please remember to wear a mask on entry to restaurants and moving around inside. Do not move tables around and avoid gathering in large groups on terraces without masks.

Drinking alcohol in street, beaches, public areas, is prohibited and frequently enforced. Also prohibited in the outdoor terraces/spaces of catering and beverage establishment after 8pm unless accompanied by a meal.

Gel is available at most, stores, shopping centres, transport terminals etc. Please use it especially before and after using supermarket trolleys and adopt hygiene rules.

Lastly please follow the instructions of store keepers, restaurant staff they are there to help you.

We all have a responsibility to keep Portugal safe. By respecting the rules, cases will continue to decrease and normality will return sooner rather than later.

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More details of measures currently in force

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